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Coolest Homemade Barbie Cake for a Sweet Sixteen

My husband made this Barbie Cake for our daughter’s Sweet 16 Birthday. The cake is made of Rice Crispy treats molded to form Barbie’s skirt and fondant is layered over the cake. It is embellished with pink fondant at the waist with a jeweled belt. He then placed the “Fashionista Poseable Barbie” in the center of the mold, which he used a cardboard papertowel insert to make the hole. He then sculpted the skirt to look as if it were flowing. The cake itself is made of two 10″ inch round Funfetti cakes layered with buttercream icing and then placed white fondant over the cake and finished with Zebra ribbon and a small jeweled ribbon attached in the back of the cake. He rolled fondant balls in pink, white and black to finish the cake around the bottom.

This cake was a real hit with our daughter’s friends and it was absolutely perfect! (Prep time was about three hours total.)

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  1. This is the prettiest cake! i was hoping i could ask a few questions, my 4 year old wants this in January! Is the barbie skirt the rice krispie part and fondant is just laid over it? i didn’t understand the papertowel rod into the treat part. Hope you can clarify! This cake is amazing! thank you!:)


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