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Coolest Barbie Doll 4th Birthday Cake

This Barbie Doll 4th Birthday Cake was made for my eldest daughter’s 4th birthday (she is totally Barbie crazy). I started out by making a basic vanilla cake mix following a standard cake recipe and put it in a greased pyrex bowl. However, this cake did not turn out well and I couldn’t get it to uniformly cook through so I made a second cake and used a silicone bowl-shaped mould. This cake turned out well and I turned it over onto a cake board.

Next I placed Barbie in the middle and surrounded her with pink buttercream icing for support. I actually removed her legs as my cake was a tad shorter than her when standing. I then iced the entire cake with pink buttercream (just smoothed it with a pallette knife) and rolled out a white fondant ‘skirt’ to go on top. I created a slight ‘frill’ round the edge of her skirt by rubbing a cocktail stick all around the outer edge. I also cut a ‘V’ out of the skirt so that there would be a pink buttercream gap to stick on decorations. I then coloured small chunks of fondant with green, pink, and purple food colouring and using butterfly, hearts and flower cutters cut out lots of different coloured shapes. Next I made the bodice from bright pink fondant rolled out. I just used a knife to shape a ‘dress’ shape and stuck this around barbie using water to make it sticky. Finally I used white writing icing to decorate the bodice and added some silver balls. Using some leftover pink buttercream, I stuck on various shapes (butterflies, hearts etc) all over the dress and board. Finally I dusted different areas of the cake with edible glitter.

My daughter absoulutely loved the cake and it was worth all the trouble to see her face light up.

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