Beautiful Homemade Barbie Doll Birthday Cake Idea

This Barbie Doll Birthday Cake Idea incorporated a real Mintel Barbie doll (not a pick doll) which was inserted through the middle of the cake.

The gown was created using fondant icing in 3 different stages.

1. Base of cake was covered using White fondant

2. Using Pink fondant, I then created the bodist a mid skirt of the dress which was ruffled around the edges at the front to create flowing fabric. Each ruffle was sparingly dusted using pink lustre dust to add texture and dimension.

3. Using white fondant, i created a top skirt to free fall like a bridal train and again gently ruffled to give fullness.

To decorate I used a daisy plunger cutter and tiny pink candied balls to finish. Each piece was stick on using royal icing.

Barbie Doll Birthday Cake Idea