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Cool Homemade Baseball and Bat Cake

We did a baseball theme for my four year old’s birthday party this year, so naturally we needed a baseball and bat cake. I used a 2 qt Pyrex dish for the baseball and bat I made from a combination of a sheet cake and 4 mini loaf pans. I used a double recipe of the chocolate cake one that’s on the back of Hershey cocoa box (perfectly chocolate chocolate cake) and a quadruple recipe of buttercream frosting. (That cake recipe is great and easy and holds up well with “construction”)

To make the bat, I just carved the shape out of the sheet pan (it was 2 pieces) and then layered icing on top and then lined the top with the mini loaves to give it the rounded top. I used the gel coloring to color all of the items (to get the grainy brown on the bat – I just put a toothpick in the icing and drug it across the top of the lighter brown and then smoothed it down with a spatula. The lettering was just free handed with black-colored icing.

We had over 40 people at the party and there were plenty of leftovers to send home with everyone!

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