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Cool Homemade Baseball, Bat and Cap Cake

I know this baseball caie isn’t a “Birthday” cake, but I thought it came out real well and was pretty proud of it. This cake was for my friends son’s baseball team. It was their “Cake and cap day” auction with his Little league.

I love to make cakes and am always looking for new challenges. I was browsing through ideas and came across a few, and just kind of put them together. I thought it would be really cool to have almost everything baseball on one cake. Bat, Ball, Base. I would have like to have done a glove as well but really didn’t have enough room. I had a little trouble getting the bat on the base, but all work well.

Well every team brought a cake for this fundraiser. The teams then got to bid on which cake there team wanted. Each team had so much money to bid on a cake. My friend’s son’s team wanted their cake that I had made for their team, but unfortunately did not have enough money to bid. They got outbid several times, and this cake went for second place in the auction.

I was pretty glad it went for second and it raised a good amount of money for my friend’s team.

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