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Cute Homemade Baseball Birthday Cake for a 3 Year Old

This Baseball Birthday Cake was made for my nephew for his 3rd birthday. He loves baseball. This was kind of a good mistake cake. What I mean by that is I had an entire different vision then while making I realized I baked the wrong size and shape, I planned square. So I made a double bottom layer (2 cakes each) then cut a small part of the side off and joined them together to make like the shape of the number 8.

Then I made single layer cakes for the top tier. I colored the fondant a blue and a red for the two tiers. Made the baseballs out of fondant, and red icing. The field is made out of green fondant, made to the shape of the field then cut out little white bases. The dirt is brown sugar.

The baseball bat is made out of rice crispy treats and covered with a colored brown fondant. There are fruity flavored twizzlers on the bottom and top tiers to cover a few mistakes. I’m just learning but I always know how to cover a mistake with decoration.

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