I made this Star Wars Lava Battle cake for my nephew who loves Star Wars. He was thrilled when he saw it!

I always start out with a hand drawn design of what I’d like the cake to look like. From there I come up with ideas on how I could do it and what materials I need. It never turns out exactly the way I thought it would but it’s usually better!

So for this cake I used two 8 inch rounds, one 20 inch round and one dress cake mold  (Wilton Wonder Mold). I crumb coated and stacked them all starting with the two 8 inch and last the wonder mold for the top. After they were iced I covered them with black fondant. Next ice and cover the 20 inch cake with red fondant. Stack the black covered cake on top of the red cake.

For the flames I used red and yellow melting chocolate in a piping bag and drew them onto parchment paper. When they were dry I glued them onto the cake with more melting chocolate. I used more red melting chocolate in a piping bag for the lava down the front of the cake. We cut out the Star Wars logo on cardboard and used more chocolate to glue it on. I used store bought toys to put on the top and that’s it! The kids loved it!