Coolest Bee Cake

Well my bee cake started off with an ex work mate of mine actually ex boss lady, showing me a picture of the cake she would love to have for her daughter’s party. The theme for the party was Bee. I told her I was not that good, she was a little disappointed but went on to order a plain cake from a near by store.

On arriving home the whole day and evening it really bugged me, so I decided to bake the cake and to my surprise it came out fantastic even I was impressed with myself.

I just used a basic chocolate cake recipe for the cake and butter icing. I had to go on internet to get mixture for getting perfect yellow and black colours required. I used my piping gun to do the decor.

The best part of it all was seeing my friends expression on her face because she was not expecting it. She offered to pay me but I declined it was my present to her daughter.

My advice to all amateur bakers out there is never give up till you try it. You have to start somewhere. For me since doing this cake I believe making novelty cakes is a kitchen experiment and fun.

Thanks for giving me this opportunity.

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