Coolest Belle Birthday Cake

I made this Belle birthday cake for my cousin’s daughter who turned 5 this weekend. It’s my absolute favorite cake I’ve ever made.

Belle is made with Wilton’s dome pan with two 8″ layers underneath to make it tall enough for a real Bell Barbie. A hole was cut in the center of all three layers before construction, just big enough to slide Barbie in. Before inserting Barbie, white icing was used to pipe skirt with lots of frills. I sprayed skirt with yellow color spray then topped with edible sugar glitter. I used the spray because it gives the cake a nice iridescent look that gives it a softer look.

Before sliding Barbie in I wrapped her to the waist with plastic wrap and also wrapped her raised arm and head to protect her hair. Then I added frosting to her top half for her bodice and sprayed with yellow spray and added glitter. I slid Barbie in and piped icing around her waist to hide any gaps. Spray. I unwrapped and lowered her arms and added ruffles around her shoulders with yellow icing.

The base of cake is made with a 12″ round 3″ thick pan. Since Belle is solid yellow, I thought she would look pretty on a white cake. I added roses around the edge to go with the Beauty and the Beast theme. This entire cake consists of 4 cake mixes and 6 cans of frosting. Tip: I also use 1/2 cup of powdered sugar per can of icing to thicken icing well enough to use for decorating.

2 thoughts on “Coolest Belle Birthday Cake”

  1. Your cake was beautiful, the only thing I would do different is to place the princess cake on top of a 1/4 sheet square and surround the princess with a garden of roses and leaves.

  2. The cake is absolutely beautiful. I showed it 2 my niece because she is crazy about princess Belle and her birthday is coming. She wants me to make exactly the same cake you made.


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