Coolest Belle Birthday Cake

My little princess requested her favourite princess for her 3rd birthday cake. So after lots of research (thanks !!!) I was ready to go. This is my second “fancy” cake, so my confidence was pretty high, and I’m so proud of the results!

I used the Wilton Wonder Mould doll cake pan, plus two 9 inch cake layers and my daughter’s Belle doll, washed up of course! I started this Homemade Belle Birthday Cake by prepping the doll. Washed and styled her hair, wrapped her bottom half and her hair in plastic wrap. Then I used homemade fondant to make her bodice and several hundred flowers in pink, purple, white and 2 shades of yellow. I left them all too dry overnight and baked the cakes.

Mmmm chocolate! I needed the extra two layers to fit the doll in, as the cake didn’t rise as much as I expected in the Wonder Mould. I used chocolate butter cream to layer the cakes, then trimmed it all smooth and stuck it in the fridge to chill overnight. The skirt is buttercream icing with yellow food colouring to get it to the shade I wanted. I did a crumb coat first (it was really necessary over the chocolate cake!) and chilled it in the freezer while I made a few more batches of buttercream icing.

After applying the top coat I inserted the doll, filled the hole with icing and covered the mess with more of the fondant. After the icing set up a bit I was able to sculpt the surface a bit to make the dress have some body, and attached the swags (more fondant) all around. I brushed edible yellow glitter onto the bodice and swags. The next day I used white buttercream to attach the flowers and pipe centers on them, then used green buttercream to add leaves and some random dots for detail. The green really made a huge difference. The candles are attached to the cake plate with more buttercream too. Same with Belle’s bouquet.

The cake was huge, hard to store, hard to transport, but totally worth all the effort. My 3 year old princess was in awe, as were all her friends. Next time I would moisten the cake with simple syrup and use way more icing between layers to add flavour and keep it moist. But 3 year olds don’t care, especially when it was served beside my one year old daughter’s cake with ice cream too. (Their birthdays are 1 day apart). It was a sugar overload!

Homemade Belle Birthday Cake

Homemade Belle Birthday Cake

Homemade Belle Birthday Cake

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