Cool Homemade Belle Birthday Cake for My Daughter’s 4th Birthday Party

My daughter wanted a Belle Birthday Cake (from Beauty and the Beast)cake for her 4th birthday. I had a standup doll cake when I was a kid and I loved it and she had never seen one in person, so I wanted to make her one. I checked out this site and got some great ideas.

I made the base of the cake with a 14X2 inch round Wilton pan. I made 2 layers and froze them about a week ahead of time. I thawed them out the day before I assembled the cake. I used about 1 and a half boxes of Dunkan Hines yellow cake mix for each layer. I made the skirt out of the Wilton wonder mold pan and used the pound cake recipe on the side of the Dunkan Hines yellow cake mix box and it worked perfect.

I used about 1 and a half boxes of cake mix for the skirt. I made the skirt the day before I assembled the cake and covered it in cling wrap and put it in the fridge.

Two days before I assembled the cake, I made marshmallow fondant (recipe on Wilton’s website) and tinted it pink. The day I assembled the cake, I made the roses that I put around the bottom of the cake. This was really fun and easy and my daughter loved helping me. It was like playing with playdough and I thought it added a lot to the cake.

I made 2 batches of buttercream icing (Wilton’s recipe) and frosted between the 2 round bottom layers. Then I used what was left of that icing and tinted it light purple and iced both layers. I let it dry for about 5 minutes and smoothed the icing out with a paper towel. Then I put the fondant roses around the bottom of the cake. I had a little bit of light purple icing left and I added a little more purple tint to make it a little darker and I added a star border to the top of the cake with # 16 tip. I put a flower design on the sides of the bottom layer with tip # 16 and different colors and I used the same tip to put a swag design between each flower. I used some pearl sprinkles on the sides.

I used the largest star tip to put a rosette design on the top (never took a decorating class as you can see and I just tried the best I could with this part).

After I got that all finished, I started on the belle part. I put the cake on an 8 inch round cardboard cake round and put the cake on top of a can of icing so that I could turn it around easily. I used the # 16 tip around the bottom a few times around and then used the larger star tip about every inch with swags. Between the larger swags, I used tip 104 to make a kind of ruffle design and I used tip 16 to mix it up a bit. When I got the bottom of the skirt done, I put the doll pick in place. I had taken the head off of a belle barbie doll and put it on the doll pick instead of the Wilton doll because she didn’t look anything like belle.

I used tip 16 to fill in her bodice and 104 to pipe the over the shoulder sleeves. I used tip 16 to put pink roses on the dress like Belle. I put Belle on the cake without any dowel support at all and she made it to the party fine without collapsing! I piped some icing out to hold the candles in front of Belle.

I don’t know of anything I would do differently on this cake. There were about 28 people at the party and there was a ton of cake left over.

As you can see from this picture, my daughter was amazed!! haha I was so excited to make her this cake and I was so happy that she loved it.

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  1. I love your cake & how detailed your instructions are. I’m going to try & follow them for my daughters 3rd birthday! Wish me luck!

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