This Belle Cake is my first doll cake. I made Belle from Beauty and the Beast for my great-niece’s 2nd birthday. I came up with the idea from other photos from different cake sights and Wilton books.

The sheet cake is a chocolate pound cake and the doll cake is a white pound cake died red. I used 2-6″ round pans and a 6″ glass bowl for the doll cake. I cut circles in the center of the round cakes to place the doll in. I used a Belle Barbie doll and wrapped her in shrink wrap before inserting her inside the doll cake.

The frosting is white chocolate butter cream. I used 4 cupcakes to make the stand for the magical rose and covered it with a simple, small, clear, drinking glass. The recipes I used came from the Wilton sight.

The Belle cake was a success. Everyone loved the look and the taste. I was very pleased with the outcome of this cake.