Cute Homemade Ben 10 Character and Logo Birthday Cake

For my friend’s son’s birthday, I made him a Ben 10 birthday cake because it’s his favourite show at the moment. I got a picture of Ben 10 from the internet and printed it in reverse. I then covered it with wax paper and traced the outline in chocolate fudge icing. I then made a huge batch of white frosting and took bits out to colour them. I made peach, green, brown (add cocoa powder), yellow, grey and blue.

I started with the logo – I piped the “10” in white, leaving gaps for the black circles on the “0”. I filled in the “Ben” with the green and yellow and merged them together in the middle.

Next I used the white to fill in his eyes, T-shirt and shoes. Then I used the peach to do all his skin. By this point, the fudge outline was beginning to melt so I had to refreeze before carrying on.

I then filled in the green trousers, the grey Omnitrix and the chocolate hair. I froze it again while I made a vanilla cake and covered in the blue frosting. I used the leftover blue to put a layer over by Ben 10 picture, completing the buttercream transfer. I flipped the image onto the cake and peeled off the paper, leaving Ben 10 on my cake. I used black piping gel to fill in the black on the logo, the T-shirt and the fronts of his trainers.

The birthday boy loved the fact Ben 10 had come to help him celebrate his birthday, and made all my efforts worth it!