Coolest Supersonic Cake

Homemade Supersonic Cake

For my brother’s birthday, he asked for a Sonic the hedgehog themed cake, because he is going through a Sonic phase and was having a Sonic themed party. Unfortunately, Sonic is not very popular and so there were not many images of a Supersonic cake on the internet. There was so little choice that I … Read more

Easy Homemade Barbie Cake for My Cousin’s 6th Birthday

Barbie Cake

I made this Barbie cake for my cousin’s 6th birthday as she loves everything princess and pink! I cooked the cake in a Pyrex bowl, as we didn’t have a Wilton doll pan like most others on this site used. It took a lot longer to cook than my other cakes as the bowl was … Read more

Coolest Doll Dress Cake

Homemade Doll Dress Cake

I was asked to make a princess cake for a friend’s daughter. I had previously made a stand-up Barbie Doll Dress Cake and knew how hard it was, so I decided to modify the idea and make 3 little dresses out of muffins. This made decorating and assembly so much easier! I made two 8″ … Read more

Coolest Champagne Birthday Cake

Homemade Champagne Birthday Cake

For a family friend’s birthday I was asked to make a chocolate cake. I decided to keep with this theme I would also use chocolate for decoration instead of icing. As she had recently got a job promotion, I wanted to put a champagne bottle and glasses on there, and as her nickname has been … Read more

Coolest Wine Birthday Cake

Homemade Wine Birthday Cake

For my aunt’s birthday I wanted to make her a wine birthday cake because she is partial to some on a night out! I looked on here for inspiration but everyone had made shaped cakes and I did not want to do that. So, I designed my own picture using cliparts of a wine bottle … Read more

Easy Homemade Frozen Buttercream Batman Cake

Batman Symbol Cake

For my dad’s birthday I was giving him the new Batman film on DVD and a Batman card, so I decided to carry on the theme and give him a Batman cake. I like to homemake my family’s cakes as they taste so much better, but I was unsure of how to make Batman. I … Read more

Cute Homemade Ben 10 Character and Logo Birthday Cake

Homemade Ben 10 Birthday Cake

For my friend’s son’s birthday, I made him a Ben 10 birthday cake because it’s his favourite show at the moment. I got a picture of Ben 10 from the internet and printed it in reverse. I then covered it with wax paper and traced the outline in chocolate fudge icing. I then made a … Read more

Simple Homemade Club Penguin Cake

Homemade Club Penguin Cake

I was asked to make a homemade Club Penguin cake for a boy’s birthday party that was Club Penguin themed. Club Penguin is an online game where penguins can chat to other penguins, etc. The birthday boy’s penguin in the game is green, so I made a frozen buttercream transfer of a green penguin. The … Read more

Coolest Peter Griffin From Family Guy Cake

Homemade Peter Griffin From Family Guy Cake

I made this Peter Griffin from Family Guy cake for father’s day as my dad is a huge fan of the show. His favourite character is Peter and seeing as Peter is the father in the show, I thought it would be a good cake for father’s day! This website has no Peter Griffin cakes … Read more

Cool Homemade South Park Cake

South Park Cake

My parents made this South Park cake for my birthday as I love South Park – especially Cartman! My mum made her special chocolate cake (secret recipe!)and baked it in a 20cm by 23cm tin. This was iced in light pink buttercream frosting and left to crust over. Meanwhile, my dad had printed a picture … Read more

Coolest Tinkerbell Birthday Cake 39

Homemade Tinkerbell Cake

I made this Tinkerbell cake for a family member who has been an avid fan of Tinkerbell from Peter Pan for years. I wanted to surprise her with a special Tinkerbell cake seeing as most of her presents and cards were Tinkerbell themed this year! I made a chocolate cake and covered it with chocolate … Read more

Coolest Halloween Pumpkin Cake

Halloween Pumpkin Cake

I was making a cake for a Halloween party, and after looking on this website I decided to make a pumpkin cake. However, I couldn’t find a ball pan to make a stand-up pumpkin, so I decided to do the frozen buttercream transfer method with a cartoon pumpkin instead. I browsed for pumpkins and found … Read more