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Coolest Betty Boop Birthday Cake

This Betty Boop Birthday Cake is made out of chocolate cake with cherry pie filling on the inside round cake. It has marshmallow fondant icing. Betty Boop was made out of a basic homemade play dough recipe and I put fake flowers around the cake. The jello was just a reminder for someone we lost, you could leave that off if you wanted.

This cake took me about 4hrs from start to finish not counting the Betty Boop figure that took about 1hr to make and 2 days to dry. I started off by making a 9 in round cake and a 11×14 cake. The round cake after it cooled I put it in the freezer so that I could cut it in half and fill it with a thin layer of cherry pie filling. I then but a thin layer of butter cream icing on both cakes to have something for the fondant to stick to. I made Red fondant and put that on top of the round cake and then stuck the flowers in the cake and started piping the stems down the side of the cake.

I then rolled out purple fondant and gave it kind of a marbled look and put that on top of the 11×14 cake. I placed the round cake on top of that then piped a green grass band around the base of the round cake to tie it into the 11×14 cake. I took a heart shape cookie cutter and pressed out some purple hearts out of the fondant I had left and then took a small dap of butter cream icing and placed the hearts in the middle of the flower stems and two hearts on the top, one on each side of Betty.

I was covering up a spot I had made on the cake when I touched the cake after I dyed my hands Purple. lol. Betty was just a basic playdough I found on the net and I took food coloring and a paint brush before she dried and painted her to look like Betty. I covered up her feet with one of the flowers because when I cooked her for a few mins to make her dry faster (don’t do). I messed her up.


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