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Coolest Bird and Nest Cake

This bird and nest cake was made for a friend’s baby shower. Her theme was little fat birds. Her only request to have it blue. The cake is a chocolate gluten free cake with gluten free chocolate frosting. I baked and made this cake in one full day. I used a small bowl as a mold for the base of the nest. I then took fondant and pressed it through a garlic smasher to make the nest more realistic looking.

I hand sculptured and painted the little bird. I used the marble effect on the fondant used for the eggs. You take a couple of different shades of fondant, make a worm out of each. Then twist the pieces together and roll out flat. Can be done as many times as wanted until the shade you want is achieved.

I put 4 eggs in the birds nest. One for each of her two children who were born, one for a baby lost, and the fourth for the baby on the way. In order to shape the flowers I used a fondant cutter and a egg carton turned upside down. The branches were just tinted fondant and I used a fondant tool to make the lines. The leaves were also made with a fondant cutter.

I enjoyed making this cake.

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