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Simple and Sweet Homemade Blues Clues Birthday Cake

I’ve made plenty of birthday cakes for my kids before, but this Blues Clues Birthday Cake was the first time I had decided to go “all out” and try working with fondant. Because I had never used it before, I decided to just make Blue the dog out of the fondant, and to use buttercream icing on the rest of the cake. I baked a white 1/4 sheet cake, then iced it in white buttercream.

I used store bought fondant, and colored it with Sky Blue for Blue’s body, and Royal Blue for her spots. I bought the edible eyes at a cake decor shop, and colored a small amount of the buttercream with Royal Blue for the nose and pawprint. I used a template I found online for the body and spots, and piped the darker blue details with a #2 round tip.

After I had placed the finished blue on the cake, I added the other decorations with Royal Blue colored buttercream, and used a candle set I found at a local party store.

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