This homemade Blues Clues birthday cake was truly a labor of love, but Kenni will only be 2 once, so we had to do it up big. I purchased Wilton’s Blue’s Clues pan off of eBay. I used one box of cake mix and about 5 containers of frosting. Blue was baked the night BEFORE — I decorated just in case things didn’t go as planned.

I used Bakers Joy with flour to keep the cake from sticking to the pan. To speed things up I mixed up the various Wilton frosting colors ahead of time and refrigerated them. The trickiest part of this homemade Blues Clues birthday cake was runny frosting. I had to keep stopping so that I could cool the frosting again. If I had thought ahead I would have bought more frosting tips and applicators. Having multiples would have expedited the process a lot quicker.

I had to frost, refrigerate, clean the frosting tip, switch out the bag, it was a lengthy process. I piped in Blue’s party hat pink, and used M&M’s for the dots on the hat, as well as for her eyes. Six hours later, this is the end result. Happy Birthday Kennedy!