Coolest Blues Paw Print Cake

This Blues Paw Print Cake was for my daughter’s 2nd birthday. She was in love with Blue. I was actually hosting 2 parties for her that weekend (one for 3 of her friends, and the next day another party for family). So this cake worked out wonderfully for both.

I made your standard 8inch cake using 2 cake pans, frosting in the middle between the layers, and then frosted the outside with buttercream icing. I wanted a blue cake but did not want my guests to have the blue tongue that always goes with a blue icing.

So I chose to try WILTON Blue sprinkles. (I used 2 bottles) and sprinkled the entire cake sides included. I used a tilting cake stand to sprinkle the sides of the cake. Also found it was easier to sprinkle the sides if the cake was somewhat frozen. I had to sprinkle and refreeze several times before I got the blue color I was looking for. I also made up 12 cupcakes and sprinkled them also.

At the parties I presented the entire PAW PRINT as the cake, but for the 2 year old party I just passed out the cupcakes. For the adult family party I replaced the cupcakes with new and presented the Pawprint again. This time the entire cake and cupcakes got ate. YUMMY, and cute too!

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