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Cool Homemade BMX Track Cake

This Homemade BMX Track Cake was made for a lad that is brilliant at BMX biking, winning competitions regular championship standard. I made two cakes, 16″x12″, sliced and butter creamed them.

Then I partly covered the cake with blue fondant to look like a normal cake. I cut out black fondant shapes to put on the blue part. Then I made up a batch of cereal treats, one big bag of marshmallows, 1 stick of butter, tsp of honey, few drops of vanilla essence. Put in microwave for a couple of minutes ,watch, don’t let it burn, just enough to let it melt. Mix in 6 cups of rice crispies. This will seem very sticky, but when it starts to cool butter your hands and you can shape it in to whatever shape you want. I shaped some bumps and attached them to the cake. I then covered the cake in marbled fondant made with brown colouring added to white fondant.

The grass was buttercrea, coloured green and piped on. I made the model using fondant with tylose added and added the numbers and finishing touches and voila!!! It was done. He was very pleased and had a great day.

Homemade BMX Track Cake

Homemade BMX Track Cake

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