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Cool Homemade West Bromwich Albion Badge Cake

West Bromwich Albion Badge Cake

My brother in law was to become 60 he loves his football and he supports West Bromwich Albion in England. So I decided to make him a West Bromwich Albion badge cake.

I firstly had to make sure I could make the West Brom badge.

Making the Badge

I made the badge by printing a badge and making a template of it. The first stage I cut out the badge shape in white. I now coloured some icing in navy blue and I cut out some blue strips and attached these to the badge flipped it over and cut off the excess blue icing. Then, I flipped the badge back over ready for the next stage

I cut the bird out of the template in white and then I cut the brown of the bird out of the template. Then I cut this out of the brown icing and attached this to the bird. I then set this aside on a flat surface to harden.

Once it hardened, using a little vodka and some light brown, I coloured in the bird’s breast. I painted his eye on and painted a little white on his wing

I now cut out three leaves in green modelling paste and made three berries out of red fondant. These were set aside to dry out. I now attached the bird to the badge using royal icing. I then attached the leaves and the berries.

Now using vodka and navy food colouring paste, I painted West Bromwich Albion onto the badge to finish it off.

Finishing Touches

I made a template for the 60 and made these in navy blue modelling paste. The name I cut out in navy blue

I made balls out of fondant in navy and white and set these aside

Using my mold i made two football boots and set them aside.

I made my football (soccer for the Americans) by rolling out a small ball of white fondant. In addition, I rolled out lots of tiny white and a few black balls of icing. I’d attach 1 black ball and five white balls around it until the whole ball was filled and I gently rolled it in my hands until flattened slightly to form the football

Putting it all Together

I baked the cake a 8″ round 3 layer cake. After letting it go cold, I then filled with buttercream and jam and then covered in buttercream. Then let it chill in the freezer.

I rolled out some white fondant icing and when the cake was chilled I covered the cake and the cake board. I then crimped the top edge of the cake I then attached the badge to the top of the cake. And then the blue/white balls all around the edge of the cake. I set the cake aside over night to harden.

The next day I added the name to the cake board and using royal icing I attached the 6 and the 0 I the attached the football boots and the football to the cake board.

He loved his West Bromwich Albion Badge Cake!

west bromwich albion badge cake

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