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Coolest Manchester United Cake

I baked this Manchester United Cake for a friend of mine for her grandson, his favorite football team is Man Utd.

I started by making the football badge. I printed the picture off the net as a template. I used ½ flower paste ½ fondant and cut out the shape of the badge. This was left overnight to set hard. The next day I colored it in. I made one large badge and two smaller ones to attach to the scarf when the cake was finished. I also made a balloon and attached a wire into it. When this was dry I colored it in edible glitter and attached a number 7 out of red icing.

I baked 3 x 8 cakes and when cold I sandwiched them together with butter cream and jam and then covered the whole cake in butter cream and placed in the fridge to chill for about 1 hour.

I then covered the whole cake in white fondant icing and covered the edging of the board in green fondant icing this was left over night to harden before decorating.

The next day I colored some fondant in red and a small amount in black and kept a small amount of white. This was to make the scarf around the edge of the cake.

I measured around the cake so I knew where to use the different colors and marked this on a piece of paper so I knew how wide to make the pieces, and starting at the front edge leaving the room for the tassels. I proceeded in using the red. I attached this with a little water and before attaching the white piece of icing I attached a strip of black icing in the center of it and then attached it to the cake.

I continued until I reached the front of the cake again. It’s time consuming but I think it’s worth it in the end. I then made the tassels. For this I needed ½ flower paste ½ fondant. This is easier to model the tassels with. I cut out two squares of the icing and on the one edge I used my cutting tool to cut to make the tassels. To attach this to the cake I only wet the uncut edge of the icing and attached it to the one side of the cake making sure the tassels were in the position I wanted, as they will dry hard.

I then did this with the other side of the scarf. I then attached one of the small badges I made earlier to one side of the scarf and then the other one to the other side. I attached the large badge to the top of the cake and also attached the balloon that I made earlier. I then cut out the name for the top of the cake and the lettering around the base of the cake.

The cake was now finished, I hope he likes it.

Homemade  Manchester United Cake

Homemade  Manchester United Cake

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