My son wanted a BOB cake for his 5th birthday. I already sent in the BOB cupcakes we sent to school. Here is the BOB cake for his party.

First I baked a 12x18in. cake and left this cake in the pan to help support the weight of the cake. Then I made the two 8 inch circle pans (about 3 inches high each) and the dome cake for the top. When done, let them cool for 10 minutes, then remove from pans. Cool completely.

I then stacked the 2 circle cakes on the sheet cake, putting vanilla icing between layers. Put more icing on top and add dome cake on top. Insert the dowels to help support the cake. I put 2-3 cans of vanilla icing in measuring cup and microwave, about 40 seconds at a time. Stir, and keep microwaving until pouring consistency (like Elmer’s glue). Stir in blue food coloring.

Pour on to cake, smoothing out to completely cover, and let it go onto the sheet cake. Ice the rest of the sheet cake with the chocolate icing. Use vanilla icing (white & red) for the eye. Use chocolate icing for the mouth and middle of the eye.