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Coolest Bob the Builder Cake Idea

My nephew LOVES Bob the Builder, so there was no doubt what his 2nd birthday cake was going to be!

This Bob the Builder Cake Idea was constructed out of two plain supermarket chocolate cakes (my oven decided not to work the day before, so it was a quick trip to get something, anything for it!!) cut up and sandwiched together with skewers to keep in place to form the shape of ‘Scoop’, a machine character from the show.

I was a little unhappy with the outside, being such a fresh moist cake, the crumbs came away as I tried to spread buttercream on it, but the birthday boy didn’t mind, which is what counts I guess!

The roof and facial accents are made of sugar fondant, available in the sugar isle at the supermarket, and the black wheels are licorice rolls, the front ones cut smaller than the back (I also used a tiny bit of the leftover pieces in the eyes. I crushed up honeycomb pieces and Maltesers to form the ‘dirt’ in the scoop and tray, which was so tasty!!

Finished off with Bob and Wendy figurines and our Bob fan squealed with delight at cake time.


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