Cool Homemade Bob the Builder Face Cake

This Bob the Builder cake was so much fun. The cake itself was just a simple round, smeared in butter cream. Then I covered it it a skin colored homemade marshmallow fondant. Making these colors was incredibly time consuming!

Sculpting the nose took a bit of work. Cutting the hat was pretty simple. The square appearing on his cheek is actually a shadow from a phone camera. His ears were also sculpted from fondant as well as his trucks. His mouth I cut out the fondant and what you actually see is the white butter cream underneath! His eyes? M&Ms! 3rd birthday for my dear dear boy.

This Bob the Builder Cake was my first fondant cake. Everyone seemed to love it. My husband peeled the fondant off and loved the cake but still has a nose in the air for fondant.

Homemade Bob the Builder Cake