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Cool Bob the Builder/Nemo Birthday Cake

My sister in law called me as my nephew’s birthday was approaching and asked me if I could combine his two favorite characters, Scoop the Dozer from Bob the Builder and Nemo, into a cake for his second birthday. I asked her to text to my phone a picture of Scoop, which she promptly did, and off I went. I love to make fondant figurines, so I got straight to work on Scoop about a week before the party.

The “cab” part consists of four black posts holding up the yellow “roof”. I used pink musk sticks and rolled some black fondant around them for strong supports. I then molded a “Nemo” and now here came the hard part.  How do I combine both characters into this cake?  I guess you could say I got carried away then, and got to work on Bob the Builder himself (his checked shirt was a challenge, as was his tiny toolbelt). From there my imagination ran wild and I created a “Sunflower Valley” sign along with the sunflowers and “Bob the Builder” style sign to announce my nephew’s 2nd birthday.  The cake was ogled by all the family and friends at the party and my nephew was delighted to see Bob, Scoop and Nemo on his very special cake.

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