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Coolest Book Graduation Cake

This is a homemade book graduation cake that my best friend and I made for our friend that graduated. We slaved for hours…lol :)

The books were made from baking three 13×9 confetti cakes. We took a piece of cardboard and covered it with notebook paper that we had doodled all over and placed the first cooled cake. We iced it according to the colors of her LEAST favorite subjects…lol. We used a wide ribbon tip overlapping to make the pages on the sides of the book. We did NOT ice the top for layering purposes – we were afraid the other books would slide off. We then placed the second book on top icing it to the desired colors using regular white icing that we had colored with regular food coloring.

For the final two books we cut the last cake into two books… one the size of a dictionary and the other a smaller text book. We then placed those and iced them as well. The cap was made from a small round cake pan that was purchased at Walmart for around $8. We cut a square piece of cardboard to match the size of the small cake and angled it with icing underneath to support it. We then iced it Kelley green which was surprisingly the color of her actual cap. The tassels were made of blue Twizzlers that were pulled apart cut and knotted.

The diploma was made from two Twinkies with one end trimmed off each. We then took the Twinkies and pushed the cut ends together using the seam as a guide for our ribbon which we used the smallest round piping end we had.

We had a blast making this homemade book graduation cake… but not recommended for long distance riding… the dictionary kind of started to fall due to the loooong ride!!


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