When my oldest son Jared, and his wife, Amber, told me they were expecting, I already knew what I wanted to get them. I’ve been making diaper cakes for some time now, but I waited until they knew the sex of the baby before I began the project. Once they found out it was a boy, and that his name was going to be Jayden, the plan for the Homemade Little Boy Diaper Cake formed itself in my head. This is for a 5 tier cake.

I used 1- Jumbo box of 124 count diapers, and 1- package of 50 count newborn diapers. I used several receiving blankets, bibs, onesies, pants, socks, shoes and booties. I stuffed the diapers with rattles, chew toys, baby bottles, pacifiers, bath care items, and pretty much any little thing a new mom needs. I find the best way to keep the whole thing sturdy is to use foam board, cut it into a circle, and cover it with either baby gift wrap or tissue paper in a coordinating color. I then use a gift wrap tube, cut the ends in a fringe-style, and just tape the ends to the foam board, in the center of course, and it’s always stayed adhered to the base. In this case, the mom-to-be didn’t really have a theme, but was just going for the brown and blue color scheme. Keeping this in mind, I tried to incorporate those colored items where they would show in the cake. For instance, the bottom tier has a baby bath sponge in the shape of a puppy, and those colors are brown and blue.

After rolling the diapers and rubber banding them to the tube, I wrapped decorative ribbon around that tier, and then just started stuffing it with items that fit and look appealing. I tried to have a focal point in the center of each tier, all the way to the top as to have a uniform appearance. I did go a little over the top on this cake, but I always do when I make them for my kids. As an afterthought, I placed Hotwheels around the cake for my son, (the big kid) since he collects them.

On the very top tier, I always stick a bottle brush down the tube, and then tie a stuffed animal around it, for a cake topper. To personalize this particular cake for my new grandson, I strung some Scrabble tiles together spelling his name, and affixed them around the puppy bath sponge. When mom-to-be unwraps the cake, she has a little souvenir to put in baby’s book.

This cake looks a lot harder than it actually is. Just use your imagination, and you can’t go wrong! Happy Cake Baking!!