Coolest Bulldozer Birthday Cake

For my son’s 3rd birthday he initially requested a crane cake. After doing a little research online I quickly realized that my cake making skills are not yet refined enough to make a cake hang in the air! I decided to persuade him to want a Homemade Bulldozer Birthday Cake. Once I did this I quickly found a cake I thought would be very easy to assemble.

After showing my husband the cake he thought he should do a little looking because he told me that I was making a tractor, not a bulldozer (who knew one was not the other!) My husband ended up coming up with most of the design cutting the entire cake for me. We started with 2 9×13 cakes. He cut the pieces into the body, the cab, the track, and the blade.

I made buttercream frosting and did a crumb coat (always makes the final coat so much easier to complete). After letting the crumb coat chill for 2 hours we added the yellow frosting. My husband came up the great idea to use a Hershey bar for the tracks. I bought a tube of Wilton black frosting and piped in between the track and used it as a border in a few other places. We used a small piece of licorice for the exhaust and 3 M&M’s for the lights.

My son and all his party guests loved the cake! Not sure what we will do to top this next year.

Homemade Bulldozer Birthday Cake

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