Easy DIY Construction Digger Cake

My little boy had a “construction” party for his 5th birthday and I made him this excavator / Construction Digger Cake. I made chocolate fudge brownie cake as it is firmer than other cakes and built the basic shapes of the cab and the bulldozer part and covered it all in yellow coloured fondant icing stuck on with buttercream.

I also used “strips” of cake for the parts which connect the “scoop” on the other side and the bulldozer part. I cut ovals of cake for the tracks (although it would probably be just as effective to make wheels from biscuits)and covered all the pieces in the yellow fondant. I used lots of licorice to outline everything and for the tracks and “cables” and the “fork” parts of the bulldozer. I painted the window with edible silver paint and used red jelly sweets for the lights on top. I used chocolate “Flake” for the sand.

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