Cool Homemade Bulldozer Cake

For my son’s third birthday he wanted a construction party, complete with a bulldozer cake. Having never really created anything other than simple cakes with “Happy Birthday” spelled out on top, I was determined to make it myself and utterly unsure how I was supposed to create such a request. He did not want Bob the Builder, so my choices were limited.

After searching the local stores for a mold, and coming up empty handed, I decided to make one myself. It literally took minutes to create. I made a two layer chocolate sheet cake from two boxes (simulating dirt) with three containers of store bought chocolate icing. Then, I took green food coloring and mixed it with coconut flakes to make the grass, a tonka toy bulldozer was cleaned and pressed into the top pushing a pile of dirt which was actually crushed Oreo ice cream cones. Then, I boiled some decorator rocks to use for boulders and decorated the perimeter with black and yellow squeeze icing to look like caution tape and then dug through my son’s toys and found two detour signs.

The cake was a huge success and I was very proud of the end result.

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