Cool Homemade Bulldozer Cake Idea

I made this bulldozer cake for my son’s first birthday. It was made out of 2 loaf tins (large and medium) and a 24cm square cake. I used 4 Green’s buttercake packet mixes. To construct it I used the large loaf cake for the body of the bulldozer, cut the medium loaf as the cab and cut 2 tracks and the blade out of the square. It was iced with yellow and brown Betty Crocker icing (Vanilla flavour with food colouring/coco added to it).

I used Prepared icing tinted with blue and cut them to size for the windows. Lollies that were used to decorate were Raspberry bullets for the tracks, smarties for the sides of the tracks, 1 curly whirl for the side braces, yellow musk sticks for around the window/rams, chomp bar for the exhaust and red jelly jube for the light. I put Violet crumble around it to look like it was in the rocks.

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  1. wow you should be sooo proud,it is the coolest cake ever!! I love to look at cakes and make cool cakes, you have inspired me! I should so post some of the efforts I have done in the past!!
    well done, I am sure it was enjoyed by all!


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