Coolest Bulldozer Cake

With a little boy who loves bulldozers and me keen to try cake making, this seemed to be the best way to do my first decorated bulldozer cake.

I made a cake in a 27cm long loaf tin that had pretty straight sides. I then cut the top 1/3 of the cake off and placed it on the top for the cab. Sides of the cab were shaved off in diagonals and these pieces were used to create the engine. I stuck wooden skewers and toothpicks all the way through any layers to secure everything!

To decorate, I first made the butter cream icing a bright yellow, so toned it down with red to make it more orange. This was lathered all the cake. The wheels were made of six Oreo cookies on each side, stuck together in pairs to make thick tracks. If I could have found thick licorice straps they would have been my first choice for tracks, but we ended up using strips of dried fruit. Thin pieces of licorice rope were made to frame windows and make the grill on the engine.

A piece of a wide cardboard roll was cut and covered with aluminum foil to make the blade. Crushed Oreo cookies made the dirt. Candles made the exhaust pipes.

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