Coolest Bullseye the Toy Story Horse Cake

When my daughter was turning 3, I knew she would LOVE a Toy Story cake. She loves all things Toy Story and also loves horses so I thought I would use Bullseye from Toy Story.

Let me start by saying that while I am artistic, I am certainly NOT a very good cook and have not made many cakes because they usually look terrible. I used a large rectangular cake tin and 3 packets of Coles Savings brand vanilla cake mix (FOOLPROOF and YUMMY). I put the cake in the freezer for a while (a tip I got from here) so that it wouldn’t crumble when I cut it or iced the sides.

I searched the internet for a photo of Bullseye that might work and found one of a soft toy. I copied it onto a piece of paper and the traced this onto a piece of glad bake and cut it out (it ended up being the height of an A4 paper. I placed this onto the top of the cake and cut it out using a sharp knife. I transferred the nose to another piece of glad bake, cut it out and cut this out of the remaining piece of cake. I then cut the top off this so that it was only a few centimeters thick. I did this because I was worried about how to ice that middle section without getting it all mixed up with the other colours.

I bought some Betty Crocker vanilla and chocolate frosting tubs. I spooned about two tablespoons of the white into a zip lock bag for the eyes and teeth later. I put another few tablespoons into a bowl and added a little bit of chocolate to get the colour of the nose. Then put aside some of the chocolate for the mane and hooves and other details. I mixed the remaining frosting together to get the body colour.

I started by using a pallet knife to frost the whole cake with this colour including the sides (except where the mane and hooves would be). I then iced the nose piece and placed it on top and used a zip lock bag to pipe some extra around the join. Next I used a flat spatula to scrape off the icing where the mane and hooves should go and did these with the full chocolate. I then used a butter knife to scrape some hair lines into the mane. I piped on the eyes and shoes with white vanilla then used a tube of black writing gel to do the black part of the eye, around the eye and a little on the teeth. I also used it to mix into the white shoes and put some nail hole details on them.

I put some more of the chocolate into a zip lock bag and piped the details. I then went back and wrote her name on with the writing gel. She loved this Bullseye the Toy Story Horse Cake and while time consuming, my 10 year old daughter and I loved making it too. She used the left overs to make a little dog cake for her.

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