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Sweet Homemade Butterfly Birthday Cake for my Granddaughter

Every year I spoil my two grandchildren with a homemade birthday cake of their own choice for their birthday parties. This year my granddaughter asked me to bake her a butterfly cake for her 6th birthday party. I bought 2 packets of cakemix and baked the cake in a large rectangular cake tin. I also mixed pink, purple and white butter icing using pink and purple gel food coloring and white margarine.

The next morning I cut and pasted the butterfly’s body and 4 wings as I wanted them to be. First I iced the body in purple and put it in the middle of a silver cake plate. Then I decorated the bottom and top edges of the body also in purple with a star tip. Afterwards I stuck purple jelly tots on the top decorations. Then I started to ice each wing separately in pink putting them afterwards next to the body with an egg lifter.

I also decorated the bottom edges of each wing in pink and the top edges of each wing in purple using a star tip. Then I made a small and a bigger circle with white icing on each wing with a star tip. I also stuck silver balls in smaller circles in each white circle on the wings. Finished with that I stuck 2 big brown Lindt chocolate balls in front of the body for eyes but it didn’t look nice to me. So I changed the brown eyes with 2 big white Ferrero Raffaello chocolate balls and that looked very nice to me. I also made a pupil on each eye with black butter icing.

For tentacles I used 2 thick black drop strings which I stuck it  in front of the body under the 2 eyes and draped it in front of the body on the cake plate to look like tentacles. At the end I put several pink, purple and white candy butterflies on the cake plate. I also put 6 pink birthday candles before a letter 6 in the left back corner of the cake plate.

My granddaughter and her little friends thought the butterfly was beautiful and their appreciation and admiration made all my hard work and aching back worthwhile.

Coolest Butterfly Birthday Cake

Coolest Butterfly Birthday Cake

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