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Cool Homemade Butterfly Cake with Fondant Butterflies

I made this chocolate cake for my baby girl’s first birthday using inspiration for a butterfly cake I found on this site.

Several days ahead, I made the butterflies and letters out of rolled fondant. I used a butterfly cookie cutter (small and large), circle (from the top of my salt shaker) and popsicle sticks. For the letters. I just made one long strip and then bent it to make the letters. I used the cap from a thin marker to make the small circles. I let these dry for a couple of days. To make the butterflies look like they were flying, I bent cardboard and let the butterflies dry in the crease.

Then I made a rectangle cake and a round cake, frosted them, covered each with coordinating fondant colors and then stacked them. I attached the dried fondant decorations by painting a bit of water on the back so they would stick.

Fondant was much easier to work with than I expected, it was a lot of fun, and I was very pleased with the results. Doing the job in small chunks of time made this job mama-sized as my biggest challenge was keeping the baby occupied while I tried to work.

This cake was a huge success!
Cool Homemade Butterfly Cake with Fondant Butterflies

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