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Coolest Chocolate Butterflies Cake

This chocolate butterflies cake was made for my daughter’s birthday. She loves chocolate. The base cake is a regular chocolate cake batter divided into two round pans, and iced with a chocolate butter cream icing. I put lots of cocoa in the icing for a dark color and used an icing bag and tip to make the icing designs.

The butterflies were the fun part! I melted bittersweet chocolate (a minute or two in the microwave) and then put it into a sandwich bag, cut the tip, and drew butterfly shapes with the chocolate onto a lightly greased one-time-use cookie sheet. You shouldn’t use a regular cookie pan, because if the cookie sheet is flexible it is easier to get the dried chocolate off later. I used thick lines so my butterflies wouldn’t be too delicate.

Then I put a stick into the center of the butterflies and let the chocolate harden in the refrigerator. Next I melted the white chocolate, and put it in a sandwich bag, cut the tip, and added white designs to my butterflies. The important thing to do was make sure that the sticks were well covered in chocolate. When the butterflies were dried, I stuck them into the cake.

When I brought the cake in to the dining room at the party, the children’s eyes were popping! If you make this cake, be sure to make enough butterfly pops so each child at the party gets one!

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