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Coolest Rainbow and Butterflies Cake

My daughter wanted a cake with rainbows and butterflies. I wanted something a little more unique than just a cake shaped like a butterfly and I wanted it to be 3D. After searching around on the net for a rainbow and butterflies cake I found that I could color royal icing and make shapes out of it.

I printed some shapes and laid wax paper over them and then taped the wax paper to the table. After coloring the icing I piped one color at a time onto the wax paper working quickly and using the butterflies underneath as a guide. I would suggest doing this way ahead of time because I had to put mine in the oven on low heat to help dry them out the next morning.

Next I iced the cake with Chocolate for the ground and because it tastes better, then green icing for the grass. I tapped the green icing with a wire wisk to make a “grasslike” texture. Then I added a part of a bunt cake as the base for my “sky” and rainbow and iced it blue and made swirls in it with a spatula.

Next I piped on stripes for the rainbow and added marshmallows for the clouds at the ends of the rainbow. I added pink sugar crystals around the edges for extra sparkle. Next I peeled the wings of the butterflies off of the wax paper. (Hint – don’t try to use a knife or spatula to get them off… instead cut them apart and slowly peel the wax paper off the butterfly by pinching it little by little.)

Next I used a knife to slice where I was going to put my butterfly wings and stuck them into the cake. I piped on bodies with buttercream and them used ice cream sprinkles for eyes. I used sparkle gel for some antennas that really popped.

Although this was a LOT of work, if is not really hard work. Anyone can do it. Just follow the directions here and use meringue powder and the directions on the can to make the frosting. This cake was really satisfying when it was done. I got a lot of compliments.

Coolest Rainbow and Butterflies Cake

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