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Coolest Butterfly Crazy Cake

This Butterfly Crazy Cake was made up for my daughter’s 4th birthday. The size was 28cm wide and 7cm deep (roughly). And it was heavy.

I started on the butterflies about 3 to 4 months ahead of time as with there being so many different sizes I wanted a good mix of each one, plus you always need spares if any break. After they were set hard I painted each one with petal dust and finished them off with luster dust. Very time consuming and delicate.

The roses were done with the 5 point rose cutters, much easier than the single petal version (I find anyway, some may disagree with me). After the leaves dried and were dusted the same way, I made up a few sprays that pointed in opposite directions to the middle rose.

The grass was done using a garlic crusher (that was fun) but came up really good I think. The large butterfly on top was printed off the computer and I made a template out of cardboard. I cut that up into the individual pieces and traced out the shapes on the fondant making each “wing” just that little bit thicker that the last hoping to get that 3D look. Once it was on the cake, I put some edible glitter on top and steamed the entire cake.

Around the base edge of the cake I blended up some chocolate biscuits and spread them on before decorating. Some might think it would look better without it but it’s up to you.

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