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Sweet Homemade Buzz Lightyear Birthday Cake

My son loves Buzz Lightyear, and I decided to tackle making his second birthday party cake. I used fondant, and Wilton’s ready to go marshmallow icing in a bucket. It can be found at Wal-Mart at a better price than most craft stores.

I baked four 9 x 13 cakes and double stacked them.

I used Wilton icing gel colors, black, violet, red, lime green, and light blue. I used rice paper to trace a picture of Buzz onto it, and proceeded to fill in the colors to make up buzz.

I used fondant to make the stars, earth and Buzz.

I did him standing on the moon with earth in the background, and used yellow fondant starts as my cake border.

The prep was the longest part, but actually putting it together was the best fun, and my son loved it!

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