Coolest Buzz Lightyear Spaceship Cake

My son Casper is obsessed with Toy Story and loves Buzz Lightyear. He really wanted a Buzz cake so we compromised and went for Buzz’s rocket with Buzz in it!

He also really wanted a chocolate orange cake – so I searched out a Nigella recipe which was lovely and moist and kept well for over a week. I doubled the recipe to use my large rectangular cake tin, and dropped the amount of orange zest as it was for kids!

I then found a picture of a Buzz rocket cushion online that I could use as my inspiration for the design and shape of the cake. I cut the top of the rocket shape and used these bits for the wings at the bottom of the rocket, attached with white cake dowel sticks.

I then used regalice white to cover the whole cake – I didn’t actually stick it to the cake with anything this time and it worked fine, although last year I used Nutella thinned with orange juice which also worked well!

It took a bit of searching to find the purple and green colors of regalice, but it was worth it! I cut these out into various shapes, making it up as I went along! I had a tub of icing letters that I used to spell out Buzz Lightyear and a number 3 from a Toy Story toy box which I cut out and stuck on using edible glue (all the icing decorations, letters etc were stuck on with edible glue).

The fire at the bottom was done with the metal cases from tea lights, attached by pushing a white cake dowel through the metal case and using this to mold the ‘flames’ around. I used gel food coloring to get the orange color and then edible orange glitter and edible glue mixed together and painted on to get the sparkle of the fire! These were my son’s favorite bits and he ate one (well a bit of one!) as a lollipop!

The Buzz head was off Casper’s buzz toy, one of the cheaper ones that was on its last legs anyway and its head kept coming off which gave me the idea – and his birthday gift was a new shiny big Buzz anyway so I knew he wouldn’t miss it! I pressed it down into the cake and then used purple icing to frame it to hide the sticking out plastic.

I really enjoyed making this Buzz Lightyear spaceship cake and it certainly had the desired impact on Casper – he was so excited! All the other kids and parents loved it too at his Super Heroes party. He was dressed as Buzz so it all worked well together! My sister made some fab Batman, Spiderman, Superman and Wonderwoman cupcakes with paper cases she made herself and looked amazing – she’s even selling the cases on eBay soon!

Homemade  Buzz Lightyear Spaceship Cake

Homemade  Buzz Lightyear Spaceship Cake

Homemade  Buzz Lightyear Spaceship Cake

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