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Cute Homemade Carved Buzz Lightyear Birthday Cake

I put together several ideas I saw in Google-images and came up with this cake for my grandson’s 5th birthday. This was my 3rd attempt at using fondant and my first attempt at making a “sculpted” cake completely covered with fondant.

I used homemade marshmallow fondant– very easy and inexpensive to make and it also tastes very good. For the pattern I printed off a “coloring book” image of Buzz at 225%. This made him about 2 feet tall. I baked two 11 X 15 cakes, one chocolate and one gold, wrapped them very well and froze them over night. I cut the pattern into 5 main pieces: 2 legs; 2 arms; and the head/torso. I laid these on the frozen cakes and cut out the pieces with a small sharp knife and then I carefully sliced off a tiny bit of all the edges to give Buzz a more rounded look. I put Buzz back in the freezer to firm up again and then frosted him with a crumb coat.

After the crumb coat set I started making the fondant. I made 5 small batches, two white, one black, one lavender, and one green. Once the fondant was ready I assembled Buzz on the cake board– with strips of wax paper under all the edges to keep the board clean– and then began frosting each main piece, and covered Buzz completely with white fondant.

Now it was time for the details. Some of the lines were simply “pressed” into the fondant with the back side of a knife blade. I cut the pattern pieces apart to get the shapes for the details, cut them out of the colored fondants, and applied them to Buzz, using frosting as glue. The skin tone of the face was done by mixing some ivory food coloring with vanilla extract and painting it with a paint brush. After it was dry, I painted the facial features with black food coloring.

The small red and blue details were sprayed with red and blue spray food coloring. “Lightyear” was written with black frosting. This homemade Buzz Lightyear birthday cake took me over 15 hours to create, but I learned a lot and next time it won’t take as long :o)

8 thoughts on “Cute Homemade Carved Buzz Lightyear Birthday Cake”

  1. This is absolutely amazing – really well done, you must be delighted with the result! I’ll be having a go with this tomorrow.. thanks for the advice

  2. What a great cake!!! Thank you for including how you made it!
    I hope it was well recieved and that you are proud of it.

  3. This is fantastic. Thank you for sharing your suggestions. I’ll be using this to make my Grandsons’ 2nd birthday cake. I hope mine turns out nearly as good as yours then I’ll be very pleased.

  4. I will make this cake for my 17 yr old grandson on behalf of his 21 yr old brother. Toy Story is an ongoing joke between them. I have always made their cakes and hope this one will turn out half as good as yours. I am in Sydney Australia so your cake is travelling the world. I will try and find a recipe for your homemade fondant. Thanks you so much for the details and photos

  5. Thanks everyone for your kind comments! Today is the first day I saw them! I’m glad you enjoyed the cake and hope you like how yours turned out too :o)


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