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Cool Homemade Buzz Lightyear Scene Birthday Cake

My son loves Buzz Lightyear so I made this cake for his 3rd birthday using ideas from this website.

I made the figures out of moulding icing about three weeks prior to the birthday party. I found a picture of Buzz Lightyear, the rocket ship and star on the internet. I enlarged them to the sizes I required and printed them on wax paper. I then cut Buzz Lightyear into two pieces his main body and head, then prepared the colours I required using Wilton’s icing paste.

I then rolled out the white icing and placed the stencils upside down (so the ink would not come off on the icing) using a sharp knife I cut around the stencils. I continued the same process with the rest of the body parts, boots, belt, gloves. The smaller detail such as the eyes, mouth and nose was down free hand.

The writing was done using a small art paintbrush and Wilton icing paste. Once all the parts were dry I stuck them together with a small amount of water. On the day of the birthday I purchased a half slab cake from my local Woolworths, iced it and placed the figures on top. My son loved it. It took sometime but well worth it in the end.

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