My son loves Buzz Lightyear and space, so for his 4th birthday I made him a cake with both Buzz Lightyear and a rocket/space theme. I got almost all of my ideas from other cakes on this website. I knew I wanted to make fondant planets and stars for cupcakes I made to go with the cake so I decided to cover the whole cake in fondant as well. I used a marshmallow fondant recipe from, which worked great. But I didn’t quite have enough of the blue fondant, so two of the corners got very thin and cracked. Since I’ve now discovered there is not much you can do to fix cracked fondant, I created the large fondant planet and star that you see on the corners of the cake to covered the cracked areas.

To make the planet I made small amount of 4-5 colors of fondant and rolled each out into about the same size circle and piled them on top of each other. Then I cut the pile into small strips which I turned on their sides so you can see all the colors. Then I kneaded them together just a tiny bit to mix up the colors and pull it together, but keep the basic lines. As you can see from many of the cupcakes, it is very easy to over combine the fondant.

To make Buzz Lightyear and the rocket I used another technique I saw on this site. I printed pictures for each and taped wax paper to the top of the paper so you can see the picture through the wax paper. Then I piped right onto the waxed paper and froze the result. This allows you to spend time on the decoration before you actually make the cake, which was nice since the decorations took me so long. To transfer the image to the cake, turn it over right onto the cake, then peel off the wax paper. Caution: if you live somewhere warm you need to do this very quickly – as you can see from mine, if the frosting warms, it won’t transfer completely and it may smudge. The crack that you see on the rocket is easy to fix once the frosting warms up (which I did after this picture was taken). You can also peel the waxed paper off prior to transferring the frosting image, which I found worked better for smaller ones that I did for the cupcakes.

And finally, for the stars, I made some with fondant and the small ones I piped on. Everyone loved the cake. Now, my 2 year old frequently asks when he’s going to get HIS Buzz Lightyear cake!