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Cool Homemade Camping Scene Birthday Cake

I made a camping birthday cake for my neighbor’s son’s 6th camping theme birthday party! The cake is boxed cake mixes, chocolate fudge and vanilla swirled with fudge icing in the middle. I always use the Frost & Pride from Staples for the outer icing, easy and light to spread.

I made the tent out of pop tarts, milk duds and Graham crackers with pretzels for the fire with some mixed red/orange icing in between. The table is made out of Graham crackers, Kit kat’s for benches and Starbursts for the cushion and of course marshmallows on toothpicks by the fire.

The trees are ice cream cones with frosting and sprinkles. The river is with icing gel colored blue with Swedish fish floating down the river. With fondant I made the canoe, little boy and sleeping bag, bear with the honey pot, butterfly on the tent, squirrel on the side, flashlight and the last thought which was the biggest hit with the birthday boy – the snake!

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