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Cool Homemade Camping Cake Using Wilton’s Guitar Cake Pan

My friend and her family LOVE to go camping. So, I got this idea for a Camping Cake from Wilton’s website and used the guitar pan to create the camping site. I was even able to tort it and fill it! I cut off the knobs of the guitar and covered the front part in blue, the back portion in green.

I used a basketweave tip to put on the boards of the pier and then used the grass tip to put on tufts of grass here and there. I covered sugar ice cream cones with a star tip and for the tall tree inserted a pretzel. I used royal icing for the flames in the fire and striped in the inside of the bag so I got more of a flame look.

The tent and the people are made from fondant. Still working on making fondant figures! I didn’t want to give my friend too big of hips!! I was trying to make everything proportional, but as I got down to her three year old son, there was no way I would be able to make him small enough. So, I put him as “playing” on the pretzel log! That way, I avoided having to make his face and used grass to cover his feet so I wouldn’t have to make those either!!

She loved it and it was a big hit here at the office too!




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