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Coolest Carousel Birthday Cake

I made this carousel birthday cake for my granddaughter’s second birthday. This idea was from a 1983 Wilton book I had purchased years ago. The gum paste mold was no longer available for the canopy decoration so I measured around my pan and determined how many decorations I needed and traced an outline on parchment paper.

Then with royal icing I piped the decorations and let them set. The horses were piped with royal icing as well. I used licorice for the poles and the royal icing would not stick to it. I adhered heavy toothpicks to the back of the horses with royal icing and cut very small holes in the licorice and the horse picks held the licorice in place and worked great. I used 3, 10 inch layers for the cake with lemon filling between the layers.

The icing is buttercream and the decorations were royal icing. The top is red Twizzlers. I tapered the ends of the Twizzlers with scissors and used a hard candy stick as the pole in the middle. Round gummy candy held the Twizzlers. It was a big hit and a lot of fun to decorate.

To pipe the horses I used a tip #10. Trace a Pony Pattern. Hold bag at a 90 degree angle. Starting at the rear of the horse squeeze with heavy pressure move bag gradually towards front, ease pressure, pull away. With same tip, tuck tip into body and with medium pressure, squeeze out neck continuing upward to form back of head (pull up to form small peak for ear.) Tuck tip into neck and with medium pressure squeeze out face. With heavy pressure at top and gradually easing pipe out curved legs. Pipe at saddle with tip 2 zigzags. Outline saddle and dot hooves, eye, and nostril with tip 2. Pipe mane and tail with tip 16.

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