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Coolest Carousel Cake for a Princess

I wanted to host a party for my little one when she was turning 2 and at that time she was in love with carousels and that’s the idea behind a carousel cake. I did not want to use the mold from Wilton as such so tried to do some extra work and ended up creating this.

This cake had 4 layers altogether. The dome was a 2 layered egg-less vanilla cake filled with chocolate mousse and topped with butter cream. Bottom cake was 2 layered vanilla sponge cake filled with strawberry ice cream and topped with butter cream. It was tough icing the base as I had to ensure the ice cream did not melt and had to refrigerate every once in a while.

The horses were covered with royal icing and they are from Wilton’s carousel set. I purchased the carousel set only for the horses. I also added some cake balls covered with pink chocolate to add to side of the domes.

Altogether it was a great cake and everyone loved it!

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