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Sweet Homemade Carousel Birthday Cake for a 2 Year Old

This Carousel Birthday Cake was a simple adaptation of those on this wonderful site.

It was created for my 2year old who loves carousels.

We were not having a party and it was just going to be the immediate family of 5 adults, 1 sibling whose birthday is also in a few days. My objective was to mark the occasion without having a ton of cake left over.

I made the base with two 8inch round cakes, frosted with store bought frosting which I tinted and decorated with candy (most are already gone before the photo shoot thanks to my kids). We live in the tropics (38degrees) and the heat made the 2nd coating of frosting slip off the base (faced to the back). Ah well, please excuse the wax paper peeking out at the back!

I used an inverted plastic bottle for the centre pole, and I stuck sugar coated animal crackers with melted marshmallows to the poles (bendy straws).

The canopy was made from a decorative napkin stuck with paper glue to a cone I made of cardboard. Topped with a gum ball to adhere the number candle. (I stuck this with a toothpick into the cone top and positioned it into a hole at the top/base of the plastic bottle.


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