Coolest Carousel Birthday Cake 53

I was asked to make a carousel birthday cake for a friend’s daughter who was turning 3. I purchased the carousel at my local Michaels. The cake was made from a Betty Crocker white cake mix (my favorite to use).

The bottom was made from a 10” round pan that I made two of and stacked on top of each other. The top was an 8” that I did the same thing on. I pretty much followed the pattern that was on the box that I got the carousel in, using the colors the mom said the party was being done in.

The cake is done in a buttercreme frosting. The flowers are hand piped and made ahead of time to let harden. I used tip #2 for the basket type weave on the bottom of the cake, and trimmed the entire cake with a ruffle type effect.

The cake was an absolute hit with the kids and parents and the party girl totally loved it.